Kepçe Kulak Estetiği

Otoplasty is another name for cauliflower ear aesthetics. Otoplasty is among the most commonly performed aesthetic operations.

There are two main issues that require ear aesthetics. The first is that the ear has a wider angle than it should be, and the second is that the ear fold is not clear. Although such problems do not pose a health problem, they may cause people to feel mentally ill and even move away from society. In both cases, the ear has a standard structure with surgical intervention. As a result of these operations without any risk, people feel better psychologically and increase their self-confidence and socialization.

When should a cauliflower ear aesthetic be performed?

Ear development is completed between 5 and 6 years of age. It is recommended that children who have a cauiflower ear structure in this age range should be operated in the early period if possible. As mentioned above, the cauliflower ear structure that is not treated at that age can lead to mental problems, especially in adolescence.

How is a cauliflower ear aesthetic surgery performed?

If we examine step-by-step the application stages of cauliflower ear aesthetics;


The operation is performed with general anesthesia in children and patients who cannot have local anesthesia. Other adults can be treated with local anesthesia.


A cut is made behind the ear as the first stage of the cauliflower ear aesthetic procedure. After the cartilage is thinned with rasp, the cut area is re-sewn. The cut is behind the ear, so it is invisible. Therefore, it does not cause an aesthetically bad image.


The patient can be checked out on the same day. Since it is a small operation, there is no severe pain and there may be a slight degree of pain, which can be relieved with a painkiller. The patient should use the bandages for one week.

Rarely, problems such as infection of the ear, intra-tissue accumulation or coagulation may occur after surgery. However, these are non-serious and treatable.