Mesotherapy is usually used for beauty, but sometimes it can be used for therapeutic purposes. Its main application areas are anti-aging, skin renewal, regional slimming, cellulite and stretch marks, blemishes and scars, hair treatment, treatment of acute and chronic pain and various skin diseases.

The mesotherapy method used for certain areas of the skin and hair is applied by injecting the specially prepared drug into the area. In this way, structures such as collagen and elastin under the skin, stimulate the effect.

In order to achieve the expected effect from mesotherapy, it is usually necessary to repeat the procedure for 2 or 3 sessions.

Needle Free Mesotherapy

Especially for patients who are afraid of needles, it is possible to stimulate fibroblast growth factors without damaging the skin with the method that contains the combination of TCA (Tricarboxylic acid) and H2O2 in adjusted proportions. Thus, bio-strengthening and revitalization are provided on the skin without needles.

To whom is mesotherapy not applicable?

It is recommended not to apply mesotherapy to breastfeeding or pregnant women, to those with a history of paralysis, to people with diabetes and cancer, to people with allergies and to people with blood clotting problems.

Are There Side Effects of Mesotherapy?

Redness and bruising may occur in the area injected with the needle, but these effects are temporary. These complaints disappear within maximum 2 days.

Considerations After Mesotherapy

After mesotherapy procedure, bathing and make-up should not be done for a minimum of 10 hours and difficult movements should be avoided for 2 days. It is recommended not to take blood thinners such as aspirin, and not to wear tight pants, especially if application is made to the skin area.

Hair Mesotherapy

This applies to the problem of alopecia, that is, the problem of local or complete hair loss. Vitamins, nutrient enzymes and microelements are injected under the skin with special needles. In this way, the direct access of oxygen and vitamins to the hair follicles prevents shedding problems.

Skin and Cellulite Mesotherapy

Cellulite treatment with mesotherapy lasts between 4 and 10 weeks. Thanks to the special substance injected under the skin, the blood circulation is regulated and the wavy image on the skin is removed. Other wrinkles and sagging on the skin are recovered by the same method, allowing the skin to reach a firmer appearance.