What are the symptoms of nasal flesh?

Nasal flesh is widely used among the public. This structure, also known as concha, provides heating and humidification of the air taken while breathing in the nose.

Nasal obstruction is one of the common causes of functional impairment of nasal flesh. When it does not cause nasal obstruction, it can narrow the perforations of the sinuses and cause recurrent sinusitis.

How Nasal Flesh is Formed

For such reasons Nasal Flesh can occur.

  • Allergy,
  • Excessive sport activity,
  • Too much exposure to polluted air,
  • To experience the difference of cold and heat too much.

Reduction of Nasal Flesh

Practically two types of treatment can be applied. Of these, radiofrequency is the most commonly used. Radiofrequency is a kind of intervention that helps to reduce the tissue inside by giving heat energy. It can even be done locally. However, this application may not be suitable for all patients. In some cases, the bone part in the flesh of the nose is more. In this case, the bone should be removed. It emphasizes the option of surgical intervention.