Rope Face Lift

Rope face lift, also called rope face hanging process. This process can be summarized as the recovery process by pulling up the applied area thanks to the specially formulated ropes applied to the layer below the skin. This can be done for patients who have problems such as facial wrinkles, sagging, jaw wrinkles. After the application, it is aimed to achieve a more vibrant and tense skin. Defective areas are identified and rope is passed through the lower layer of the skin. The application continues at different angles until the skin reaches the desired position.

Local anesthesia is generally preferred during the procedure. Since there is no surgical procedure, the patient ends without pain. Rope face lift time varies from person to person and the region to be applied. As a standard, we can say that it lasts for 30 minutes and 1 hour. This app is not a permanent solution. Over time it can be destroyed by cells under the skin. The retention time depends on the patient. The duration of action of this application varies depending on the functioning of the patients’ metabolism. Duration of application can last up to 1 year. Rope face lift is a single session application. 4 different ropes can be used during application. These are straight, stringy, cone and clawed ropes.

To whom is rope face lift not applicable?

Certain examinations are carried out prior to the process to ensure compliance control for this process.

  • People with diabetes,
  • People with coagulation disorders,
  • those with advanced cancer,
  • People who are sensitive to skin infection,
  • This procedure is not applicable to children and pregnant women.

No serious pain is felt during the procedure. The amount of facial stretching is determined by the specialist physician. The method to be applied to each skin structure is different. After the procedure, slight redness and swelling may be seen in the area.

Rope Face Lift Advantages

Rope face lift application is a method that can be applied easily. As a result of the tests, this process can be applied to everyone who is in good health. The advantages of this process can be listed as follows;

Since local anesthesia is preferred during the application, the patient can continue his / her social life after the application.

  • After the face lift application, there is no scarring.
  • Application time is generally 30 minutes.
  • This application has a repeatable level.
  • Ropes and needles used during the process do not cause permanent marks
  • Immediately after application change is noticed.
  • It is a painless procedure.
  • There is no objection to make up after the procedure.