Snoring Surgery (Sleep Apnea Surgery)

Apnea is an event where the breath is stopped for more than 10 seconds during sleep. It is described as normal up to 5 times per night. A more common condition means it’s pathology. There are 3 different events in apnea. Apnea, which is described as obstructive, enters the ENT field. If there is a feeling of contraction or obstruction anywhere from the nose to the vocal cords, a sleep apnea may result. The degree and cause of sleep apnea should first be learned for this condition that occurs during sleep at night.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can return to patients as negativity in their social environment. It may also be mentioned among the causes of more serious problems that may occur in the future. Among these problems, serious problems such as cardiovascular diseases and potentially fatal complications can be seen. Sleep apnea is first confirmed by the Sleep test result. The test result determines the degree of apnea. According to this degree, treatment planning is done. The location of the contraction is determined. Medically, CPAP is generally used. However, if there is a occlusive cause, it must be corrected. This is achieved by surgical intervention.