Tonsil and Adenoid

Tonsils and adenoid are involved in the immune system. They cause problems in infections in the body. Drug treatment is preferred in these cases. However, weakening of the immune system and increasing infections may cause insufficient drug treatment. In such cases, tonsil and adenoid surgery is preferred.


Adenoid Surgery

Adenoid is found in our body between nose and throat. It consists of lymphoid tissue. It makes first contact with bacteria and viruses exposed in the nose during childhood and produces antibodies for the body to fight them. Adenoid can cause a number of problems in children. It can cause nasal congestion, snoring, anorexia, fluid accumulation in the ear, and hearing loss by blocking the canal to the ear. In such a case, it may need to be removed by surgery. Adenoid size is determined as a result of the film taken and it is decided to remove the adenoid. An endoscopic operation may be preferred.

Bademcik ve Genizeti Ameliyatı Riskleri

Kanama karşılaşacak en büyük risktir oranı 1% dir. Ciddi bir kanama oluşması 1000 de 5 gibi bir oranla çok nadir görülür. Ameliyat sırasında bu durumla karşılaşılmamak için efor sarfedilmektedir. Bu tip bir durumda tekrar ameliyat tercih edilebilir.

Risks of Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery

Bleeding is the biggest risk to face, with a rate of 1%. Severe hemorrhage is very rare at a rate of 5 per 1000. Efforts are made to avoid this situation during surgery. In such a case, re-operation may be preferred.

About Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery

The most important issue after these two surgeries is the question of whether the infection occurs in the lungs. In the researches, there are parts in the body that will perform those functions as a result of taking tonsils and adenoid. It was also observed that there was no difference in comparisons between the operated and non-operated persons.